Choosing Your Ceremony “Arch” And The Alternatives

January 23, 2020

With so many options for your ceremony display, how do you choose!? Do you go with your more traditional rounded arch? How about a square? Or perhaps a Triangle? Circle? What about if you love Chuppahs but you aren’t Jewish?!

There are SO many beautiful options to choose from – let’s review some fun options and see what may work for your venue!

First up, the more “Traditional” Arch with a rounded top, usually some soft greens/florals. You have limitless possibilities with these types of arches. For this outdoor ceremony, we did the soft lush green feel with the floral accents. Imagine if you had this completely covered with florals?! You could also go more minimalistic and do light greenery. Inside or outside, this arch works well no matter the venue because of the traditional feel.

Next, something a little different – A Triangle Arch! This arch is more suited for your more edgy venues or the outdoors. Think rooftop space, or open field, or even a big warehouse style venue. This arch lends itself to a more unique vibe. While we did bold florals on this one, you can do anything, from bohemian pampas grass to soft, romantic blushes. You can see from the photo below how an accented rug was the perfect touch to bring this one together.

Photo by Elle Studios

For our third option, this is something I have been enjoying lately – a free standing column “arch”. These work really well in any venue space and can be as heavy or airy as you want. I’ve seen beautiful ones with tons of textures and airy flowers, and then others with full lush greens, like the one we did below. It is a fun alternative to your traditional styles and lends itself for some gorgeous photos pre or post ceremony.

Photo by Elle Studios

Circle Arches are one of my all time favorites. Last year we did one wrapped with fairy lights that twinkled amongst the flowers. Absolutely stunning. The one below was from a wedding a few months ago right on a lake. The perfect touch for this outdoor event.

This style arch works well in all venues, but you want to be sure you style it correctly. The lush garden feel may not go as well in a ballroom, and I would amp of the florals and decrease the greens for that. However, most of the time, full greens are the perfect accent to this arch to get you that full circle look.

Photo by Minnow Park

Lastly, Chuppahs – one of our most common ceremony choices. For many, a Chuppah is chosen due to religious reasons (with a covering on the top), but other’s love the pure beauty of them and their endless possibilites for design. I included two completely different Chuppah looks for comparison.

Here, you have your full, lush, floral chuppah with white draping. This ceremony was in an industrial space, but we created a soft feel with their Chuppah design.

Photo by Nato Tuke Photography

This Chuppah was given a tropical, bright vibe to bring pops of electric pink and green to the venue space. Both options of Chuppah’s could easily be converted into an arch should a couple want a two post arch, versus a four post Chuppah. It gives you so many possibilities!

We have done many Chuppahs with no covering on the top for couples of all religious backgrounds. Other times, we have done just the front half, leaving you a squared off arch, but the coverage area you would get with a Chuppah.

Photo by Caitlin Cooper Photography

Now, these are hardly all of your options, but it gives you an idea of a few different choices from your regular arch. You can decorate any of them as light or full as you want. Your floral designer can guide you of course, based on your vision!

Happy Planning – xo




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