Welcome to the “New” Whimsy Weddings

January 9, 2020

For over six years Tatiana and I have operated under the name Whimsy Weddings, and it has brought us great success. Within minutes of launching the first iteration of our website, Tatiana was receiving inquiries for Day of Coordination services. Within a year of operation, Tatiana was already accepting full wedding planning jobs! Whimsy grew so fast, I left my previous job to join in on the fun. Along with the full planning jobs, we started to dabble in floral design and very quickly realized what direction Whimsy would go in.

In 2019 we made the difficult decision to leave coordination and planning behind to focus our effort on floral design. We came to the realization Whimsy Weddings would pigeon hole us into one specific floral niche, weddings. With a heavy heart we agreed the Whimsy moniker would have to go. Instead of hanging our heads with the loss, we embraced the opportunity to move our business in a new more mature direction.

Knowing we would have to come up with a new name, and thanks to my love for alliteration, I came up with “Kraft & Co.” Tatiana’s last name is Kraft, we are in a crafting business, and I often refer to this business as her baby. It was only fitting it reflect her dedication and pride in the product. Thus, Kraft & Co. was born.

With the new name came new branding. At first, Whimsy lent itself to light, fun colors with a cute, young vibe:

Whimsy Weddings logo circa 2014!

Next, we “graduated” to a more “adult” version of Whimsy with darker colors and a more refined look:

The reveal of our new “mature” Whimsy logo came back in 2017.

Armed with a new name, Kraft & Co., we moved away from the purples and pinks that brandished our old logos and decided on a deeper, richer pallette with grays, green and a touch of cream:

To kick off the rebranding process, we created a color palette.

Instead of colorful blooms we graduated to a refined line drawing of an arrangement. Also, instead of curvy whimsical text, we went with a more sophisticated font. Once all of these elements came together, a new brand was born!

Utilizing more sophisticated fonts and image, Kraft & Co. hopes to target a larger swath of interested couples and businesses looking for professional floral design services.

As if a compete brand change were not enough, Tatiana and I realized a concerning need for more space. For years, we operated out of our house and we were bursting at the seems. With the new year, we are so excited to FINALLY move our business out of our house and in to a larger studio space in downtown Easton, Pennsylvania. Once we started moving box after box of supplies, Tatiana and I were shocked at how many worked related items were filling up our personal space. Now we have the ability to design larger, more involved floral jobs without cluttering up our dining or living room!!

Kraft & Co.’s (formerly Whimsy Weddings) new studio space located in their hometown of Easton, PA!

2020 marks big change for Tatiana and myself! A new name, a fresh logo, and a larger work space all lead to an exciting new path. Thank you so much for joining us on this journey. Check back for more updates on upcoming events, our new studio space, and more!

~ Erich



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