Design | White + Green Bridal Bouquets

February 14, 2022

White and green bridal bouquets and the white and green color palette are 110% our most popular color combo when it comes to designing weddings. Why? It is classic, chic, romantic, modern, elegant, etc. It fits just about every event style whether you want a rustic event to a glam black tie soiree. The flower types we can use are endless, and even with an all white floral design, you can have so much texture/white color variation from creams to pure white.

Throughout the year, we can usually access most types of flowers, but depending on the season, we have access to specialty items that can really make your white and green bouquets pop. Flowers like Peonies (May/June), Sweetpeas (March/April), and white cherry blossoms (march/April) are those extra special touches that take your bouquet to the next level.

White and green bouquets can be compact and modern, they can be airy and soft, and they can be fluffy and textural. Below, you can see some variations of white and green bouquets that coordinate with the couple’s style and the bride’s dress.

If you have a super detailed or ornate dress, going with something sleeker or more simple will allow your dress to really shine. If you have a more sleek dress, something more airy and textural can really compliment the dress well.

Will you be doing a white floral palette for your event?

The addition of anemones in these bouquets really give them beautiful dimension and make them pop.

The gentle cascade in the middle photo above is a romantic touch without being too overly traditional.

Want to see more white floral weddings? Check out our portfolio page here.

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